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SportsterJohn's thoughts
Monday, 6 February 2006
Winter has finally arrived
Winter has finally arrived in Ga. Supposed to be in the 40s or low 50s for the next week or 2. Not happy about it but I will survive, I am sure. I went down to the local 'biker' hangout sat afternoon. Alot of people there but the only bike there was mine. Guess people here don't ride if it's under 50 or windy outside. Would like to thank FSMC for being good superbowl hosts. Enjoyed hanging out at the party and looking forward to the next gig. Well, it's cigarette time so I am going to do what we addicts do.

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 7:53 PM EST
Thursday, 2 February 2006
busy week
I rode the the PGR to the funeral of Thomas Hickman last friday, it was a very moving experience. Was happy to see PHs from other area clubs supporting this idea. Work has been about average, meaning I am bored. Had beautiful riding weather all last weekend, was in the 60's fri-sunday. Rode all 3 days. Also finished my taxes this week. Not getting back as much as I had hoped but enough for me and the wife to take a week long ride in May. I think we are going to start by hitting myrtle beach bike week for a few days and heading up the coast to Va. then back down the brp. Should be a fun week. Can't wait till March, seems rally season starts in march down here. From mid month though the summer, there is a rally / party going on every weekend. I am psyched for it. Well that's about it for now. I have 2 more hours to kill at work, then off to a meeting.

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 7:01 PM EST
Wednesday, 25 January 2006
military funeral
Topic: Biker Stuff
Boss gave me friday off so I can attend a military funeral for a vet who was killed in Iraq. On the front page of the web site, I mentioned that there is an organization called PRG which attends funerals of soldiers killed in IRAQ. Will be my first ride with the group. Hate the idea of having to do this but I will be dammed if some asshole protesting the war gets anywhere close to this guys family!

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 7:01 PM EST
Monday, 23 January 2006
monday yet again
Topic: Recovery Stuff
Well here it is monday yet again. tomorrow is the ol's b-day. Better make sure that I don't forget! Had a good weekend. It was warm down here but kinda rainy. We went out of lunch at a place about 45 min from the house. Was warm enough to ride coatless but it was drizzeling. Yesterday was the big abate swap meet. real good social event. got to jaw with some friends in various clubs around the area as well as meet some new people. thank God the rain held out. Also got to hear one of my brothers speak at a speaker meeting sat night. well, I am back at work killing time till 9. got a few other things to update around the web.

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 5:18 PM EST
Friday, 20 January 2006
No brakes and too much work
Went to pick up my glide from the local dealer today after a 10k service. Part of the service is to adjust the brakes. They adjusted the hell out of them, I now have no front brake. Looks like I get to take it back there tomorrow! My dept at work used to have 6 people, we are now down to 3 and 1 of them is on vacation. I hate having to actually work while I am here! It's interfering with my surfing time!! Well we have a local swap meet on Sunday, it's also the OL's b-day next week. I think she needs a new t-bag for her birthday, she didn't really want the perfume and stuff like that anyhow!

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 5:21 PM EST
Tuesday, 17 January 2006
Back to the grind
Topic: daily thoughts
Was a pretty uneventful weekend. Wasn't much to do on Sat, Had crappy weather so I mostly watched football. On Sun I went to a local biker hangout for lunch with the ol lady. She did let me know that she was aware that I was watching the waitresses ass though. I told her that I was aware that I was doing it also. Did a bit of running around on Monday. Hit a couple of bike shops and hit the support bracket on my pipes welded. It usually breaks about once a year and then the pipes start to rattle. I then went to a meeting Mon night. The only times I get to go the the 8:00pm meetings is on holidays or when I take a day off. One of the downsides of working night! All in all it was an ok weekend although I was bored shitless for alot of it. Well at least next weekend there is a swapmeet so I will have somthing to do!

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 7:47 PM EST
Friday, 13 January 2006
Had a pretty good week. Went to a meeting last night, rode around on the hd for a while. Wed night I had dinner with 2 hang arounds, hopefully I didn't scare them off. Today it is cold and rainy. As you guys saw on the home page, I signed up for the patriot guard riders. Now to be honest, I am not one of those Rah Rah go USA type of guys, in fact I don't think we should even be in Iraq, HOWEVER anyone who protests or disrupts the funeral of a soldier killed in the line of duty is a scumbag and needs to be treated like one. I do intend on making every patriot guard event that I possible can. Other than that, there really isn't anything annoying me. Just glad the work week is wrapping up. I actually had to do stuff today, I am not used to really working while at work!

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 7:19 PM EST
Monday, 9 January 2006
Dumb ass drivers
Got to work late today! First off, I have been getting up and taking my shower at the same time every day for 6 years. So my dumb ass step kid decideds that he needs to jump in the shower 5 min before I take mine. Now this wouldn't be a problem if he took normal showers. But he fucks off in there and turns the water off / on does God knows what and is in there for at least 20 min every day. My showers last about 5 min. Of couse he won't let me take mine first. So sure enough, I am running 15 min behind and there is no hot water left!(my wife told, me I am not allowed to hit him, lol) Then I get behind some slow person. After I finally get to pass him, I see that he is playing a damm trumpet while driving down the road!! He wins the moron of the day award. Then there is an overturned 18 wheeler on the interstate ramp and the ramp is closed. This means of course, another 10 min delay as I have to find another way to get on the interstate. Still after all this, I was only 10 min late. Think I need a smoke break now!

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 12:46 PM EST
Weekend stuff
Had a great weekend. Went down to the COC meeting on sat and was elected sec. Now I will spend the next week updating everyone's info. I fell honored that the local clubs trust me enough to do this job. Also had a chap meeting of my MC. Weather has been great down here. We went for a nice putt up into the N. Ga. foothills after the meeting. Nice to get in a good club ride! Also, the Panthers advance in the playoffs, all is good in my world.

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 12:35 PM EST
Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Topic: daily thoughts
Well so far nothing happening today. Just sitting at work fucking off as usual. The supervisor is out of town for a week, so that is a good thing. I do get my yearly performace eval next monday. 10 to 1 says I don't get a raise. CEO must need a new Lear Jet this year cause no one is getting raises.

Posted by southernsoberbiker at 8:07 PM EST

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