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Biker Friendly Places in the Metro Area

Keep in mind, since I generally don't barhop anymore, I don't have 1st hand knowledge of these places.  I just built this list from info that I gathered on the web. E-mail me if you have been to these places and have any comments on them.


Rock Star Saloon

Cigar pub  Sun is bike day. You can some times run into a few groups of sober bikers during the days on the weekend.  has good sandwiches during the daytime. Also holds a few abate events as well as some of it's own bike events.  Don't know too much about how it is at night though.
Fat Cats


The Alley:  Thus night, bike night

Tom's place. Thus night bike night


Caddy's Grill and Bar:  Biker Sunday

Whistle Post Tavern:  Thus is bike night


Fatboyz Bar & Grill


B-52's Nightclub 10% off total bill Sat nights


Double Vision Bar and Grill

Little 5 points

The Vortex  Thus night bike night


Brewsters Neighborhood Grille    20% discount on drinks on weekends



Double D Tavern  Full Throttle Sundays

Motorheads Bar and Grill   Wed is bike night.  They also have a ride which leaves from there Sun at 11:00am.


The Zoo Tavern


 The Alley Sports Bar.  Sunday bike day

Wood Stock

Firehouse bar and Grill:  This place hosts a lot of bike events as well as having a bike night.  I have been there during daytime for lunch and it is ok, usually a fair amount of bikes in the parking lot.  It does get more 'bar like' at night so I don't really have much first hand experience about how it is at night.  Wed is bike night. Sunday lunch time rides.